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What is a VIN number?
Vehicle Identification Number stands for "VIN". This vin number is a universal serial number provided to every car by the vehicle manufacturer. Within the 17-digit number are different codes that indicate the car's make and model, a serial number, where the vehicle was manufactured, and even information about optional add-ons such as a sun roof.

VIN Check Warnings

When buying a previously owned car, there are many ways for you to get a bad deal from both a dealer and a private seller.

Odometers may be rolled back thousands of miles. It is against the law in most states, but it is easy to do. It is still a major problem in used cars today.

Be wary if the previous owner will not or cannot show you the past repair records or identity of any former owners. If the title seems suspicious, go somewhere else.

If an auto is shipped from out-of-state or received in trade from another dealer.

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A VIN Number Check will alert you to major problems about a used car you are about to buy.

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VIN Number Check! Get a free VIN number check online. See what a VIN number check says about your automobile. Don't buy a lemon!

A free VIN Number Check is important to have when checking out a used automobile or truck. Used automobiles are available everywhere these days. Some used vehicles will look like a great deal that you just can't pass up. Don't be fooled by appearances. Many used vehicles look great on the outside, but have unseen mechanic problems that can haunt you for a long number of years. Protect yourself with a vin number search.

A large number of accidents each year are caused by faulty automobiles because of poor reliability. Many of these automobiles are salvaged from junk parts. Many people drive unchecked used vehicles that should not be allowed on the road. This can be avoided by doing a vin number check. Numbers of salvaged automobiles have left people injured and even dead. Damaged automobiles gamble with people's lives and well being. Is your future automobile fit to be on the road? Many people should have this question answered before handing over their hard earned pay check.

It's very inexpensive to repair the exterior of a automobile to make it look nice. Unfortunately the important parts that make the car work are only temporarily fixed. The vehicle will work fine for a week or month and then everything breaks again. It's hard enough to get a trustworthy auto mechanic. A Vin number check can save costly car repairs. Statistically most people are already being overcharged or having unnecessary work done on their automobiles. Avoid using mechanics in the first place and buy a reliable car with a clean vin record.

The federal trade commission recommends getting a free VIN number check before buying an automobile. By checking a VIN report before buying, people can prevent the hassle of buying a damaged automobile that will cause long term problems. Most salvaged automobiles require repeated repairs and often never work correctly even after thousands of dollars of repair work.

Your mechanic will love you for buying a junked car for all the extra business you send him. I doubt you will enjoy paying for your mechanic's new Dodge Viper while you have to ride a mountain bike to work for two months. Get a VIN check and this can be avoided!

Advice regarding a free VIN number check online

It's important to cross check information collected from independent sources, including NHTSA crash test automobile, failed emission or safety inspection, frame damage, insurance loss, major damage incident, odometer discrepancy from auction data, salvage auction and theft. Each car report compares mileage readings from the state or other independent sources. It also flags any odometer rollback or rollover.

Also verify critical information associated with a automobile. Attributes such as: year, model, body style, make, engine type and country of manufacture are verified. Cover all the bases. Check for reported damage such as, hail damage, gray market, lien, fire damage, salvage/junk, odometer discrepancy, rebuilt, lemon or manufacturer buyback, water damage.

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