Vehicle Identification Number Search
Free Vehicle Identification Number Search to keep you safe from lemon cars.

Vehicle Identification Number Search

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Has your dream car been:

Stolen or salvaged?
In a flood or hail storm?
Used as a rental car?
In an accident or fire?
Used as a rental or fleet vehicle?
A taxi or police car?
Used by a driving school?
A victim of odometer rollback?
Rebuilt from spare parts?

What is a VIN number?

Vehicle Identification Number stands for "VIN". This vin number is a universal serial number provided to every car by the vehicle manufacturer. Within the 17-digit number are different codes that indicate the car's make and model, a serial number, where the vehicle was manufactured, and even information about optional add-ons such as a sun roof.

Vehicle identification number search! Do an online vehicle identification number search on any used car. It's free! complete vehicle identification number search will tell if a car is a lemon.

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A vehicle identification number search will provide detailed information pertaining to a vehicle's title.

What does your vehicle identification number say?

A vehicle identification number search provides information pertaining to a vehicle's title, registration and usage history. VIN numbers display the results of a comprehensive search for: damage from hail, flood or fire; salvage or junk vehicles; accident damage; mileage discrepancies or odometer rollback; gray market vehicles (vehicles manufactured for non U.S. markets that may not comply with emission and/or safety standards - does not include imports originally made for the U.S. market.); records of theft; vehicles designated as rentals, taxis or fleet usage; lemon vehicles; abandoned or forfeited vehicles; liens that represent ownership interests or unpaid judgments.

A vehicle identification number search can report major accident damage. A vehicle identification number search will identify when a vehicle has been totaled or even had a minor fender bender. A vehicle will often receive a salvage or junk notation on the title from various states. This is typically called a salvage title - and it's more common than you think.

"No History Found" indicates that the free VIN check found no information in that category at that particular point in time. This could mean that companies have not yet received that data or it could be an indication of a problem free condition.

Information provided in the comprehensive vehicle identification number search comes from more than one hundred data sources. These include: State Departments of Motor Vehicles, Auto Auctions, Canadian Motor Vehicle Departments, Consumer Protection Agencies, Auto Dealers and Other State Agencies. All data acquired from these sources meets either the federally mandated Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) or industry guidelines.

Vehicle Identification Number Search Resources:

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