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VIN Check Warnings

When buying a previously owned car, there are many ways for you to get a bad deal from both a dealer and a private seller.

Odometers may be rolled back thousands of miles. It is against the law in most states, but it is easy to do. It is still a major problem in used cars today.

Be wary if the previous owner will not or cannot show you the past repair records or identity of any former owners. If the title seems suspicious, go somewhere else.

If an auto is shipped from out-of-state or received in trade from another dealer.

What is a VIN number?
Vehicle Identification Number stands for "VIN". This vin number is a universal serial number provided to every car by the vehicle manufacturer. Within the 17-digit number are different codes that indicate the car's make and model, a serial number, where the vehicle was manufactured, and even information about optional add-ons such as a sun roof.
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Every car, truck, and motorcycle in America has a vehicle identification number history report.

What does your car's vehicle identification number say?

Get your vehicle identification number history and play it safe. There used to be a time that you would have to take the word of the used car dealer about the facts on a used vehicle. A mechanic checkup can only find so many problems. It's generally easy to get a vehicle to work for a short duration with a few tweaks. These tweaks seldom last long. Most repair work done by used car used car dealers are more than questionable.

Today all cars have a vehicle identification number history that document every detail about the cars life. Much like a rap sheet - everything notable gets listed for the public to see. Used vehicle Vin checks have forced some used car dealers to clean up their act, but most haven't. Lemons are still being sold on car lots around America.

You may know someone who has purchased used car that never worked right. Many used car dealers sell cars that conveniently break down a month later. Of course they are not liable since the cars are sold "as is" with no warranties. Because of this legal protection, used car dealers love to sell lemons with short life spans. It's very profitable. Don't get caught in this trap - do a vehicle identification number history search before buying that used car. We can bet that you'll find something very wrong with that "great deal" at your next visit to your local used car lot.

Once of the major hassles of auto problems is repairs. By buying an lemon, you essential have to deal with a whole new issue: dishonest mechanics. If your car does break down, is it a simple problem or a major one? If you go to the wrong mechanic, it will always be the major one that costs an arm and a leg. It is simply impossible to trust auto mechanics. It's easy for them to lie about the true problem or to provide a quick, cheap fix in place of a real one. Mechanics often inflate a minor problem into a bigger one. They have even been known to sabotage vehicles so you are forced to come back for future repairs. Get the Vin history of a car checked out.

Avoid all these problem from the start. Get a Vehicle Identification Number History Report! See a used vehicle identification number history report before buying a used car. A vehicle identification number history report will help spot a lemon or salvaged car. Buying a used car should be an enjoyable experience with a positive outcome.

Typical problems a vehicle identification number history can reveal:

Salvage Titles - These cars have been so totaled that they often need two or three other identical cars to make a new one. These cars are the worse since repair work is shoddy and designed as temporary fixes. Salvaged cars often can never work correctly.

Odometer Rollback - These cars sound like good deals because they appear to have low miles. A vehicle with only 30,000 miles can sell for twice as much than a car with 100,000. This is a major reason this fraud is so common. It's a great way for dirty used car dealers to make some easy money.

Lemon - Lemons are cars that were bad from the start. Some may be recalls due to a dangerous mechanical condition. Lemons tends to spend most of their time in auto shops and never really get better. Many are also unsafe to drive and can cause injury or death.

Flood and Fire damage - Flood and fire damage are surprisingly common problems with many cars. Flash flooding happens very often in many areas of the U.S. Thousands of cars a year are labeled flooded by insurance companies. Flooded car suffer from major mechanical problems.


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