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Extended Warranty Program tip

Sales people will try to lure you into buying their Used Car Warranty by rolling the price into the sales price of the vehicle. That may sound good, but remember that you'll be paying 6-10% interest for years on that warranty.

So that $1000 Used Car Warranty tacked onto an 8% loan for 5 years will cost $1216.80. A far better idea is to use any factory rebate in cash to purchase an online extended warranty program.

Say NO to the used auto dealer!

When you buy a warranty on a used car, you buy peace of mind. If you're about to sell your car privately, buy a transferable warranty for it, and you have a really nice selling point for your used car.

Dealers buy their extended vehicle warranties at the prices you can find online. Then, they double the price and pass you to the warranty company.

Avoid the middle man syndrome with auto dealers. Buy your used Car Warranty from an auto warranty company for the best deal.

Extended Warranty Program! Find a cheap extended warranty program online and get an extended car warranty for your used car or truck!

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Get a special deal on the leading Extended Warranty Program online. Don't gamble with car problems.

Free quote from a leading extended warranty program

When you buy a warranty on a used car, you buy peace of mind. If you're about to sell your car privately, buy a transferable auto warranty for it, and you have a great selling tool for your used car or truck. Cars with auto warranties often sell much quicker than cars without one. It's no surprise why!

A good warranty on a new car is wonderful thing. When the manufacturers warranty stops, the one you buy takes over. To see how affordable an used car warranty from an Extended Warranty Program can be, use the Free Quote above.

Auto Warranty companies offer extended protection for quality, preowned cars and trucks available to consumers nationwide. We offer several levels of coverage for cars and trucks, suitable for different vehicles and budgets. Find a cheap extended warranty program online and get an used car warranty for any vehicle!

Since common mechanical repairs can typically cost thousands of dollars, protecting your auto investment should be taken very seriously. Vehicles have more than one thousand parts that can fail or break. Lemons are also common occurrence and can lead to very costly repairs.

Here are some general samples of repair costs for parts and labor based on the most popular makes and models sold in the United States. Keep in mind you could pay much more than what is listed. We have found that most mechanics will conveniently find other problems with a car that don't necessarily need to be fixed.

Engine: $2975
Transmission: $2300
Drive Axle: $1250
Power Steering: $1025
Heating/Air Conditioning: $985
Seals, Gaskets, Fuel or Electrical System: $800-$1600

Additionally, extended auto warranties from an Extended Warranty Program provide ongoing value because they are transferable at the time you choose to sell your vehicle, providing additional assurance to the new owner. You can even get a used car extended warranty or one for any make or model of vehicle.

Whether you own a newer or older make or model of vehicle, an used car warranty from an Extended Warranty Program will provide you with peace-of-mind protection regarding costly mechanical repairs that can happen at any time during the life of your vehicle. You won't have to worry about unexpected costs if your car breaks down. You also have the security of road side assistance and fast quality work.


Extended Warranty Program Testimonials

I just had to use my used car warranty for the first time. I was very impressed at how smoothly it all went and how hassle-free it was for me. Thanks for doing such a great job. The extended warranty program you recommended has been great!

Joe - Monterey, CA

I just sold my 1994 Ford Escort Wagon for which I had purchased an extended warranty during the summer. I already had my new car picked out and was nervous about selling this used one in a timely manner. So, I decided to advertise the warranty along with car. Guess what? I had 20 calls in 3 days. The nice thing is that just about everyone who called said they were mostly interested because of the extra security of the warranty. Thanks to your flexible plan, I was easily able to transfer the warranty over to the new owner. And, because I had such a nice experience with the extended warranty program overall, I have purchased an extended warranty for my new car - a Jaguar XK Series.

Jamie Landers - Provo, UT

When my girlfriend told me that she purchased an used car warranty for her brand new Jeep Liberty, I thought she had lost her mind. After some initial lecturing, she showed me a copy of the used car warranty. I then reviewed it with my lawyer. I have to tell you, I was impressed. It was actually a very good deal. I just purchased a car warranty for my own 2003 Mercedes-Benz SL500 from the same extended warranty program. Thank you.

Dr. Robert Vines - Phoenix, AZ

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